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Posted by Joseph Clement on 6 June, 2018

I have decided that it would be a great idea to start shining a spotlight on the Instagram car spotting community. It is such an exciting hobby that allows car enthusiasts everywhere to express their creativity. It only makes sense to speak with the people involved and help anyone unfamiliar with this pastime to gain a better understanding of what it means to spot cars and why it is so popular with petrolheads.

I recently connected with a fellow car spotter named Tim who is from Taiwan. He had read my ‘Car Spotting in London 2018‘ article and decided to reach out to me and arrange a car spotting trip for when he visits London. We are still trying to sort it out and I hope it happens one day soon. I am sure it will. In fact, I hope that one day I can visit Taiwan and go for a car spotting trip with Tim. I think that would be awesome. Anyway, I thought it would be great to interview Tim and find out what car spotting is like in Taiwan. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Tim (@cxl627)

How long have you been a fan of cars?

I have been a fan of cars for six years.

How did you first get into car spotting?

When I was sixteen years old, I noticed that there were a lot of exotic cars in my country and I was impressed with the Taiwanese car photographers’ photos, so I decided to get into car spotting.

Porsche 918 Spyder
Photo credit: Tim (@cxl627)

What is it about car spotting that you enjoy most?

The thing I enjoy most about car spotting is chasing supercars on my bike to get the shot. It is exhausting but very interesting.

What made you decide to start an Instagram account dedicated to car spotting?

More and more people are using Instagram these days to share car photos so I decided to start an Instagram account myself.

Lamborghini Aventador
Photo credit: Tim (@cxl627)

What is unique about the car spotting scene in Taiwan?

The unique thing about the car spotting scene in Taiwan is that many supercar owners will have a morning run in the mountains at about 5 a.m. This is most common on weekends. Car spotters will literally wait for supercars in places where the owners have their breakfast in an attempt to capture a shot.

Where are the best places to spot supercars in Taiwan?

We often wait for supercars in front of dealerships or in the central business district of a city.

Photo credit: Tim (@cxl627)

How often do you go car spotting?

I usually go car spotting once a week.

What is the best car you have ever spotted?

I think the best car I’ve spotted in Taiwan is the new Ford GT that I saw at a car show.

Ferrari 458 & 488
Photo credit: Tim (@cxl627)

What is your favourite car ever?

My favourite car ever is the McLaren P1 because it has a stunning look and a powerful hybrid engine.

Who are some of your favourite car spotters on Instagram?

My favourite car spotter on Instagram is Alex Penfold (@alexpenfold).

Photo credit: Tim (@cxl627)

What places outside of Taiwan would you like to visit to spot cars?

I would like to spot cars in London because it has lots of exotic cars and some of them even come from Arab countries in summer.

I would like to thank Tim for taking the time to speak with me. Be sure to check out his Intagram page and give him a follow: @cxl627