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Posted by Joseph Clement on 23 March, 2017

McLaren has released a design sketch of its future McLaren ‘Hyper-GT’ car which has been given the codename: BP23. The British car manufacturer claim that the car will be the most aerodynamic and powerful street legal car they have ever assembled.

The BP23 is currently being developed at McLaren Special Operations (MSO), which is the special division of McLaren responsible for inventing and crafting the deluxe Ultimate Series addition.

If you’re wondering why it has been given the codename ‘BP23’, its because the vehicle will be MSO’s second bespoke project and the vehicle will have three seats.

Photo credit: McLaren Automotive Limited

Getting your hands on the ‘Hyper-GT’ will be tough considering that McLaren has limited production to 106 examples, which is the same volume as the iconic McLaren F1. Whoever is selected to become an owner of a BP23 will work alongside MSO to select colours, materials and other personalisation features.

We’re not likely to see any examples of the BP23 until 2019.