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Posted by Joseph Clement on 22 August, 2017

The BMW M5 is recognised as a pioneer in the high-performance super saloon genre. And now we have been officially introduced to the all-new sixth generation of the BMW M5. It is set to launch in February 2018 armed with an enhanced V8 engine and a new M-specific all-wheel drive system named M xDrive.

BMW claims that the new M5’s performance statistics are much higher than any of its predecessors and this is due to the introduction of the aforementioned M xDrive and its adaptability. When you first fire the car up it starts in four-wheel drive mode with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) switched on. However, it comes equipped with various driving modes including a pure rear-wheel drive (without DSC) setup for those of you who may want to take the car for a spin on the racetrack.

2018 BMW M5
Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

The BMW M5 has a lot of power that comes from a 4.4-litre V8 engine which incorporates BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology. Performance-wise, it delivers a maximum torque of 750Nm, taking the car from 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds. This power is transferred to the road via a new eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic.

This M5 is faster, more powerful, and more efficient than any previous version. The design stays true to the BMW characteristics we expect while providing downforce and cooling for the engine and braking system. The aerodynamics, performance and style have all been taken into account making this BMW M5 both fast and efficient.

Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

The transmission for the new BMW M5 allows fully automatic shifting in ‘D’ mode and sequential switching in ‘S’ mode. This can be initiated using the new short gear selection switch on the centre console or via the M-shift paddles on the steering wheel. Also, the shift characteristics of the gearbox can be changed using the Drivelogic gear shift lever on the gear selector. The different modes cater to comfort, fast driving and track driving. For those who prefer manual shifting the ‘S’ mode will allow you to downshift all the way to the lowest possible gear.

2018 BMW M5
Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

It’s not just the transmission that offers different modes, the new BMW M5 has M-specific variable damper control and M Servotronic steering, each can be set to either Comfort, Sport or SportPlus. When it comes to settings and driver options the new BMW M5 really does seem to have it all.

BMW M5 Interior
Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

Technology-wise, the equipment that comes with the M5 is geared towards driving dynamics. Everything the driver needs access to can be located directly in their field of vision. It has a large digital display that informs the driver about dynamic modes, the all wheel drive M xDrive and the Drivelogic settings. When in manual shift mode there are shift lights that let the driver know when it is the optimal time to change gear in manual shift mode. The data can also be reflected in the head-up display.

Overall it sounds like the new BMW M5 brings a lot to the table, combining the best of both worlds as a high-performance sports car and a business vehicle. The car is expected to go on-sale in February 2018.