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Posted by Joseph Clement on 12 December, 2017

Getting around this holiday season is going to be one of your top priorities as you rush to work, head out to pick up/visit relatives, and of course, go shopping. But, driving on the winter roads can be a challenge, and the dangers of ice, snow, and reduced visibility can increase your risks of an accident if you don’t know how to handle the changing conditions correctly. That’s why we’re going to present 5 useful driving tips that you need to put into action this winter to stay safe on the road.

1. Check Your Tires

First and foremost, you’ll need to check your tires before heading out anywhere. Depending on where you live, you may need to get winter or all-season tires—or even chains—to give you better traction and handling in the wet conditions to come. If you’re counting on a good amount of snow and/or ice, check your tread and consider getting winter tires put on just to be safe.

2. Antifreeze

One winter maintenance tip is putting antifreeze in your engine to help protect it. You can check your levels by opening the coolant reservoir and checking the fill line. This will help you keep your car in excellent condition throughout the rough and chilly season to come.

3. Visibility

Reduced visibility is out of your control to some degree due to fog and other weather conditions that will make getting around a bit harder. However, you can help yourself and increase your safety by making sure to fully clear your windows and windshield before heading out on a winter drive. Also, be sure to get as much snow off your roof as possible, because if it breaks it could slide forward and cover your windshield while driving.

4. Defrost

Keeping your window from fogging up means making sure your defroster works well. Many places will have specials this time of year, or even do courtesy checks, so you can bring in your car and make sure it’s winter ready. They’ll be sure that you have a properly functioning defrost system and they’ll also check your antifreeze.

5. Get Prepared

Nothing is worse than having your car break down, get stuck, or suffer a flat tire during the middle of a snowstorm. Make sure you’re prepared for the worst, or even the “bad”, by keeping a winter car kit on hand. Have a brochure with your roadside assistance information along with a windshield scraper, gloves, hand warmers, and even a blanket (you can find thermal emergency blankets that will fit just about anywhere in a tiny package!).


Staying safe on the road this winter is going to take a bit of preparation, but once you’ve got it all out of the way, the peace of mind you get while travelling this holiday season will be worth it.