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Posted by Joseph Clement on 29 August, 2017

BMW has refreshed their popular i3 electric car. And the interesting thing is that they’ve made a new sportier i3s version of the vehicle. The cars will celebrate their world premieres at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in September 2017.

The new i3s uses the same size battery as the regular i3 but is somehow able to produce a tad more power. Therefore, while the standard i3 delivers 168bhp, the i3s generates 181bhp which is a pretty decent gain.

BMW i3
Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

That increase in performance carries this car into the sphere of hot hatches. With a top speed of 99mph and the ability to get from 0-62mph in 6.9secs, there is no denying that this new i3 is sure to be a very desirable supermini.

The i3s’ wheels are 40mm further apart at each axle for improved handling, and the sports suspension is stiffer resulting in a 10mm drop in ride height. The handling improvements I mentioned earlier are enhanced further by the car’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system. BMW claims that this faster traction control system will ensure confident handling in all driving conditions.

BMW i3s interior
Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

Both the new BMW i3 and i3s will be available with the option of a 38hp two-cylinder range extender petrol engine. This small engine will drive a generator that delivers power as needed while driving to support a constant level of charge in the high-voltage battery. The petrol engine add-on is expected to extend the car’s overall range in everyday use (approx. 112 miles) by around 93 miles, making it a must-have for anyone planning to use the car for both long and short journeys.

BMW i3s
Photo credit: The BMW Group UK Ltd.

Prices for the modernized i3 start at £34,070, while the sportier i3s costs £3,000 more, at £36,975. Lastly, if you plan to have the range-extender, rather than a pure EV, then it will set you back another £3,000.