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Posted by Joseph Clement on 25 October, 2017

The Lexus LS+ Concept made its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show today.

The LS+ is an automated driving-enabled vehicle that focuses on delivering ‘safe and smooth mobility’. Lexus claims to have added a number of advanced technologies to their ‘Integrated Safety Management Concept’ in an effort to drastically reduce the number of road traffic casualties around the world.

Although safety is high on the agenda, Lexus has indicated that they are committed to delivering a fun driving experience. They aim to roll out some of their automated driving functions during the first half of the 2020’s.

Lexus LS+ Concept
The Lexus LS+ Concept (Photo credit: Lexus/Toyota GB PLC)

Lexus has stated that the LS+ Concept ‘symbolises’ their ‘future vision’ and gives a good indication of what a prospective LS flagship saloon could bring to the table.

For me, one of the standout design features of the LS+ is the mesmerising signature spindle grille. This work of art not only looks good but also helps with engine cooling and improves the vehicle’s overall aerodynamic quality.

The LS+ also showcases a new set of headlamps and rear lights that partly use lasers for illumination and electronic side mirrors.

Lexus LS+ Concept
The Lexus LS+ Concept (Photo credit: Lexus/Toyota GB PLC)

As well as the premiere of the LS+, Lexus celebrated the 10th anniversary of their “F” sports models with new limited edition versions of the high-performance RC F and GS F.

Lexus launched their first ‘F’ model – the IS F – back in 2007 with hopes of creating a range of sports cars that put a smile on the driver’s face. This helped the Lexus brand to not only be known for luxury but also sportiness.

Lexus RC F
The Lexus RC F (Photo credit: Lexus/Toyota GB PLC)

To mark the 10th anniversary of the ‘F’ model Lexus has announced limited edition models with special specifications.

Lexus has also confirmed that only 50 units of these special versions of the RC F coupe and GS F saloon will be built.

Lexus GS F
The Lexus GS F (Photo credit: Lexus/Toyota GB PLC)

Special features include performance shock absorbers and titanium exhaust silencers. Design-wise, CFRP composite material will be used for a number of the exterior features and the body panels have a matte grey finish. The interiors will be finished in a signature Heat Blue colour.

The RC F will be available in Europe and the GS F will only be available in Japan from spring 2018.