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Posted by Joseph Clement on 31 October, 2017

MG Motor UK are putting their money where their mouth is with the introduction of a 7-year warranty for any customer purchasing their new MG ZS compact-SUV.

The warranty is completely transferable to any new owner of the vehicle before the 7-year (80,000-mile) limit has been reached, and to top it all off, MG has confirmed that the package “guarantees any genuine replacement MG parts for the remainder of the agreement.”

Korean car manufacturers KIA and Hyundai were among the first to offer customers an increased warranty period with KIA offering 7-years and Hyundai offering 5-years. Offering an extended warranty shows how much faith the manufacturer has in the reliability and durability of their product, and as a result, it gives the customer peace of mind.

Photo credit: MG Motor UK Limited

The introduction of this 7-year warranty is bound to attract the attention of economically minded customers who in the past may not have considered buying an MG. The British car manufacturer has made a bold decision that I feel will have a very positive effect on the overall perception of their brand.

Here is what Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing at MG Motor UK, had to say:

“This is MG putting its money where its mouth is. With the introduction of a 7-year warranty, we are making a clear statement of intent about the quality of our design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our goal is to deliver hassle-free motoring in stylish cars that stand up to the toughest of challenges. Benefiting from global design expertise, but re-engineered specifically for UK roads, we are confident that the MG ZS will prove exceptionally popular. The 7-year warranty makes it even more compelling.”

As mentioned earlier, the 7-year warranty will be available with the MG ZS compact-SUV that has three variants: Explore, Excite, Exclusive. The MG ZS will be available from 1st November 2017, with pricing starting from £12,495, and the option of either a manual or automatic gearbox.