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Posted by Joseph Clement on 20 February, 2018

Earlier today, Michelin officially announced a new partnership with YouTube sensation, Mr JWW. This collaboration is encouraging as it represents a union between an established brand within the automotive industry and a successful influencer.

Older marketing techniques e.g. telemarketing, direct mail etc. are not as effective as they once were, that’s why you see lots of brands embracing influencer marketing and other, newer methods instead. Working with a personality like Mr JWW will allow the tyre manufacturer to tap directly into a targeted, engaged audience. Hopefully, we will see more marks working with established influencers in this way.

Mr JWW – real name: James Walker – will partner with Michelin for one year, acting as an ambassador for the brand. Apparently, he will “produce films and images spotlighting the manufacturers’ high-performance products and featuring some of the most desirable cars and destinations in the world”. To be honest, I can’t think of anyone better to handle this task. It makes complete sense.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a member of James’ family has worked with Michelin. His father, Johnnie Walker, served as a test driver for the company during the 1970’s. There is history between the Walker’s and Michelin, which gives this alliance more meaning. It makes it special.

“Growing up in our household it was Michelin or die. I truly believe that Michelin are the best in the game, but that connection with my dad makes this a really special project for me.” – Mr JWW

Another reason why Mr JWW is a good fit for Michelin is that he’s an automotive lifestyle vlogger. Aside from his coverage of cars (which he does very well), his videos touch on travel, fashion and much more. Similarly, Michelin is more than just a tyre manufacturer, for example, they are responsible for the coveted Michelin Star that is awarded to restaurants for excellence in cooking.

“The days when we just wanted to talk about tyres are long gone. Yes, Michelin makes premium tyres for the best cars in the world, but we are also an authority on the best restaurants and hotels in the world. Michelin is now becoming a lifestyle brand, and we want to help people get the most out of every journey they make.” – Mark Higginson, head of digital for Michelin in the UK and Ireland.

There will be lots of things for James and Michelin to work on together. I’m eager to see what content comes out of this union.