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Posted by Joseph Clement on 26 February, 2018

Seat recently announced the launch of a new brand, Cupra, that will represent their sporty, performance-focused side. Along with the news of going independent, the brand has also revealed it’s first model, the Cupra Ateca.

Cupra is aimed at car enthusiasts, rather than casual car buyers. Apparently, the brand stands for “uniqueness, sophistication and performance”, which actually sounds pretty exciting.

As well as providing something special for car fanatics, the new brand is expected to help boost sales figures as Seat Vice-president for Sales and Marketing, Wayne Griffiths, explains:

“Our ambition for the CUPRA brand is to double the sales within the next 4-5 years, focusing our business model on four main pillars: distribution, partnerships, racing and product.”

The Ateca SUV is a representation of what the Cupra name is known for: a combination of sportiness and practicality. A car that can be used for the school run, or trips to the supermarket, while offering power and performance, if needed. In short, it would make for a very good daily driver.

Cupra Ateca SUV
Photo credit: Seat

The Cupra Ateca carries a 2.0-litre TSi engine that delivers 300PS (295bhp). It is mated to a 7-speed direct shift gearbox that the manufacturer says has been “developed to offer sportier gearbox feel with faster, smoother and more precise changes”. The Ateca can reach a top speed of 245 km/h (152 mph) and go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 5.4 seconds.

Technology-wise, the car offers a lot of useful features, including dynamic chassis control, 360º top view camera, park assist, 4Drive traction system and six different driving modes: Normal, Sport, Individual, Snow, Off-Road and Cupra mode. Selecting Cupra mode will result in a beefed up engine sound and a sportier suspension setup.

As you would expect, the Cupra Ateca looks very sporty and attractive. One of the more striking features is it’s upper grille that incorporates a honeycomb effect. Gloss black styling can be found all over the car as well as the Cupra logo that was apparently “inspired by the attitude of tribal civilisations”.

Cupra TCR Racing Car
Photo credit: Seat

Aside from road cars, the new brand has created their first racing car named the Cupra TCR. It will officially compete in the 2018 TCR Series sporting the brand’s logo on the front and rear of the car in the signature copper colour. The racing car will have a different ECU, bumpers, steering wheel, bonnet and bucket seats to the normal Cupra model.