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Posted by Joseph Clement on 28 July, 2017

The all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom has been unveiled.

Luxury British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce recently revealed their new Phantom which will be the first in a new generation of Rolls-Royce’s to benefit from what they call the ‘Architecture of Luxury’.

What is the ‘Architecture of Luxury’?

Well, it’s Rolls-Royce’s name for a new all-aluminium spaceframe architecture that was designed by the Rolls-Royce engineers. This new spaceframe will be incorporated into the construction of all future Rolls-Royce models.

How can the same spaceframe be used in all models?

The new spaceframe has been developed in such a way that it can be scaled to the size and weight requirements of different future Rolls-Royce models, even those with different propulsion, traction and control systems.

What are the benefits of this new all-aluminium spaceframe?

It’s 30% more rigid than the spaceframe that was used in the Phantom VII. Increased rigidity results in better ride comfort which when combined with air suspension and state-of-the-art chassis control systems makes the new Rolls-Royce a great place to be. Also, it’s lighter and the car body is stiffer which helps to make the ride a lot smoother and improve the functional performance of the vehicle.

Rolls Royce Phantom Side
Photo credit: Rolls-Royce


The 2018 Phantom will have a new reinvented V12 engine.

That’s right, a completely new 6.75-litre V12 powertrain has been engineered for new Phantom, in place of the previous naturally aspirated V12 engine. One of Rolls-Royce’s aims for the new Phantom was to make it the world’s most silent car and in order to achieve this they had to create a completely silent engine with more low-end output at lower revs to ensure that silence.

The new engine which has two turbo chargers can deliver 563bhp and a low-end torque output of 900Nm at 1,700rpm. The engine will be connected to a ZF 8-Speed gearbox which is linked to Satellite Aided Transmission which will help prepare the driver for upcoming road conditions on their journey.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engine
Photo credit: Rolls-Royce

The most silent car in the world

It’s not just the engine that helps this car to be quiet. Rolls-Royce has gone to great lengths to make anyone inside the car feel cocooned whether they are going at slow or fast speeds. To reduce noise the Phantom has 6mm two-layer glazing all around the car, more than 130kg of sound insulation, the largest ever cast aluminium joints in a body-in-white for better sound insulation, and use of high absorption materials.

Rolls-Royce claim that when their acoustic test engineer first reviewed results road and vibration tests, the sound levels were so low they had to check their instruments were calibrated correctly.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Front
Photo credit: Rolls-Royce

The exterior

The new Phantom has a has a fresh a distinct look but retains the Phantom DNA, not straying too far from iconic presence and appearance that we expect.

The join lines between the body panels are almost seamless and the subtle creases in the bodywork complement the flowing yet robust design of the car. The hand-polished stainless steel grille of the new Phantom has been raised higher than that of its predecessor which means the Spirit of Ecstasy now sits approximately half an inch higher. Although, this takes nothing away from the car if anything it enhances the car’s character even further.

Much like its predecessors, this new Phantom looks elegant and luxurious however it manages to push things forward enough to make itself desirable as a new proposition. Some of the best materials have been used to create this car and it shows. It’s a true luxury item.

“Phantom is the epitome of effortless style, a historical nameplate that occupies a rarefied space in the luxury constellation and conjures a rare magic all of its own. New Phantom raises a glass to an illustrious design legacy whilst forging a modern and revitalised presence for the next era of Rolls-Royce design.” – Giles Taylor, Director of Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce Phantom Display
Photo credit: Rolls-Royce

Interior and technology

Inside the car, you will find hand-crafted heated seats, a new fixed rear centre console that includes a drinks cabinet with whisky glasses and decanter, champagne flutes and coolbox. And all of the switchgear’s inside the car are made from metal including the iconic eyeball vents and organ stop controllers, seat and light switches.

Tech-wise the Phantom has a lot of driver safety and technological features including alertness assistant, a 4-camera system with panoramic view, all-round visibility including helicopter view, night vision and vision assist, active cruise control, collision warning, pedestrian warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning, an industry leading 7×3 high-resolution head-up display, WiFi hotspot, and of course the latest navigation and entertainment systems.

Rolls-Royce has also redesigned the Phantom’s dashboard and instrument panel and has named it ‘The Gallery’. The dashboard consists of one symmetrical surface which is made from toughened glass. Behind the glass, you will find chrome framed digital dials which have been made clearer for the driver than previous models. The dashboard has 12.3 inch TFT colour displays with LED backlighting which will now communicate all driver information.

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom is expected to go on-sale early next year.