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Posted by Joseph Clement on 15 March, 2018

Apparently, the new Toyota Auris that made an appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show received an unexpectedly high amount of attention. The Japanese manufacturer claims that their latest hatchback was “scene-stealing”. I wasn’t at the show so I can neither confirm or deny these claims. Regardless, it is an attractive car that has all the Toyota design cues you would expect and the option of a hybrid electric powertrain.

The new Auris has been built using the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform that lets the car sit closer to the ground giving it a more aggressive, and dynamic, profile. This platform also makes other aspects of the design process a lot more streamlined. For example, components, such as the foot pedals, driver’s seat and steering column are all selected from a range of standard layouts.

Toyota Auris Hybrid
Photo credit: Toyota

I couldn’t blame you for worrying that a platform like this could lead to repetition in different models. After all, we expect each car to have unique characteristics, right? Well, I can tell you that it’s not that bad. Most shared elements of any car built using the TNGA platform will be out of sight, and Toyota claims that it’s actually “easier to create a different look and to achieve higher ergonomic performance for ease of use and comfort”.

The new Toyota Auris is lower than it’s predecessor and has some elegant styling features, such as catamaran-shaped front-end arrangement and a large, trapezoidal grille. Moreover, it is slightly wider, has a more steeply raked rear screen and muscular haunches.

Toyota Auris Hybrid
Photo credit: Toyota

Toyota says that the new Auris has “improved handling response, stability and comfort”, however, no-one outside of the Toyota has driven the car yet so I would take those observations with a pinch of salt until the general public gets their hands on the car.