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Posted by Joseph Clement on 18 October, 2017

Toyota has revealed details of their new Concept-i series of vehicles that use artificial intelligence (AI) to get to know their drivers. It’s very futuristic stuff with the idea being that the car can begin to gain an understanding of what their driver is like in order to learn and evolve with them.

Toyota will unveil their “vision for future mobility” at the Tokyo Motor Show, which takes place on 25th October – 5th November, with three unique concept-i models: Concept-i, Concept-i WALK, and the Concept-i RIDE.

Toyota Concept-i
Photo credit: Toyota

The Concept-i, a four-wheeled model, was showcased in January this year at the International Consumer Electric Show. The aim of this car and all of the concept-i models is to understand people by using technology to learn about, protect and inspire them.

In short, the vehicles will learn about their driver using automated technology and agent systems, they will protect their driver by delivering safety and peace of mind and they will inspire them by providing a fun driving experience.

Photo credit: Toyota

These vehicles have been created with mobility in mind, for example, the Concept-i RIDE has been optimised for wheelchair users and the Concept-i WALK takes up about the same space as a walking pedestrian making it a relatively non-disruptive, safe and secure three-wheeled mobility vehicle.

At this stage, these vehicles are just concepts, but it’s an interesting peek at what easy-to-use, safe and artificially intelligent mobility vehicles could be like in the future. Toyota envisions the Concept-i series models being suitable for shared services and plan to begin road-testing some of the Concept-i’s functions by around 2020.