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Posted by Joseph Clement on 30 October, 2017

Ferrari’s new FXX-K Evo recently made its world premiere at the Finali Mondiali.

The car is part of Ferrari’s exclusive XX programme that launched in 2005 to help with the research and development of extremely fast, technologically advanced vehicles.

The FXX-K Evo incorporates concepts inspired by various track categories – e.g. Formula 1, GT3, GTE and Challenge – that the Italian manufacturer competes in.

To avoid any restrictions that may result from making a car road legal, the Ferrari FXX-K Evo, similarly to all other XX cars, is not homologated for road use and will not be used in competition outside its dedicated programme.

Ferrari FXX-K Evo
Photo credit: Ferrari

Can I buy a Ferrari FXX-K Evo?

The honest answer is…probably not. Much like its predecessors, the FXX-K Evo will only be available to a select group of Ferrari clients. Ferrari says that the car is aimed at “supercar enthusiasts eager to share the development of technologically-innovative content with the Prancing Horse technicians, through driving a closed-wheel laboratory car.”

How is the FXX-K Evo different from the FXX-K?

There are two main differences:

The first difference is the weight of the car. Although the FXX-K Evo has a fixed rear wing (something the FXX-K didn’t have) Ferrari has still managed to make the Evo lighter than its predecessor using innovative carbon-fibre component crafting processes.

The second major difference is the downforce. Ferrari claims that the FXX-K Evo delivers “downforce figures very close to those of the cars competing in the GT3 and GTE championships” which is astounding.

The fixed rear wing I mentioned earlier is one of the main reasons why the downforce has improved so much. It works in conjunction with the car’s active rear spoiler to help with drag and downforce.

Also, Ferrari has modified various vents, fins, intakes and other body parts enabling the FXX-K Evo to produce 30% of extra downforce when compared with the FXX-K. Very impressive.

Ferrari FXX-K Evo
Photo credit: Ferrari

Ferrari predicts that the FXX-K Evo will be a very active member of the XX programme which is growing a reputation for innovation and relentless performance.