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Posted by Joseph Clement on 12 January, 2018

Episode 2 of Yianni: Supercar Customiser delivers more of the same car wrapping action featured in Episode 1. However, this time rather than two clients pressuring Yianni to deliver an immaculate, time-sensitive wrapping job there’s one, DJ Charlie Sloth.

The show begins with Charlie showing up at the Yiannimize workshop with a very special job for Yianni and his team. The well known 1Xtra hip-hop DJ explains that he needs his tour bus/van, a Mercedes Viano, wrapped in preparation for his upcoming UK tour. However, there is a catch, his tour will be kicking off in just four days!

Once again the team at Yiannimize have been given a tight deadline with which they will need to complete a sizeable task. Yianni reluctantly agrees to get the van ready for Charlie and sends him on his way. The wrap that Sloth has commissioned Yiannimize to use is different to your average wrap in that it features Charlie’s logos, branding, artwork and the track-listing from his latest album entitled ‘The Plug’.

The presence of branding and logos requires the use of printed vinyl for the wrap which is extremely expensive. For this reason, Yianni’s team only have one shot to get the wrap right, and to make things worse, printed vinyl is thicker and harder to work with then the team are used to. Will they be able to get it right?

Before the team begin wrapping the van, an inspection is carried out to make sure that there are no scratches or dents on the vehicle’s bodywork. Unfortunately, one of the guys notices that there are some dents on one of the rear wheel arches which will make that area of the van difficult to wrap. Already stressed by the tight deadline of the job, Yianni decides to park the issue for now and deal with it later.

Yiannimize’s professional wrappers set to work positioning the bespoke printed vinyl on the van with magnets to get an idea of how the wrap will look. They then begin the intricate task of applying the wrap to Charlie Sloth’s Mercedes Viano.

The next day starts with Yianni taking a trip to his barber shop for a haircut. After some lighthearted banter with his barber and other customers in the shop about hair, Yianni’s barber asks him if the trim is for a special occasion. The car customiser explains that he will be attending an event named ‘Supercar Sunday’ on the weekend where he will be meeting fans and looking to network with potential clients. Therefore, he needs to look his best.

Back at the workshop, we find out that the front bonnet of Charlie’s van has been wrapped successfully but there is a problem. The vinyl for the bonnet does not line up correctly with the vinyl for the door and with such a tight deadline there won’t be time to order a reprint. The team decide that they have no option but to press on with the wrap and do their best to get it looking good.

The weekend arrives and we join Yianni as he attends the ‘Supercar Sunday’ event he mentioned at the barbershop. Much to the appreciation of the crowd Yianni turns up to the event in his eye-catching Lamborghini Aventador. Shortly after his arrival, Yianni is surrounded by excited fans hoping to meet the wrapking himself and obtain an autograph. Who could have predicted that a car wrapper would become so popular?

After spending time with his fans, the supercar customiser bumps into one of his old clients who explains that he is looking to get some of his new cars wrapped. Yianni welcomes the new business and arranges to speak with the gentleman about getting his vehicles booked in for a wrap. Could we see this customer return in a future episode? I guess we will have to keep watching each week to find out.

In the last segment of the show, we get to see Yianni’s team wrap over the previously mentioned dents on the rear wheel arch of Charlie’s tour van. Normally they would get the body part repaired before wrapping it, but in this case, there simply isn’t enough time. The team wrap over the dents and successfully manage to mask the damage. We also get to see how the bonnet and door wrap lined up and luckily it looks just fine. The van is finally ready to be picked up.

DJ Charlie Sloth returns to the Yiannimize workshop to collect his newly wrapped Mercedes Viano. Yianni greets him at the garage doors and gives the signal for the Sloth Bus to make it’s grand entrance. Out rolls the van and immediately Charlie conveys how happy he is with the job that Yianni and his team have done in such a short space of time. He especially likes a plug that the team attached to the bonnet of the van to fit the theme of Charlie’s album.

Charlie thanks Yianni for an excellent job and embarks on his UK tour. Another celebrity customer leaves the Yiannimize workshop happy.


As far as plot twists go I think it’s safe to say that the already common theme of tight deadlines and wrap related issues will continue throughout this series. But that’s okay because a show like this doesn’t need unnecessary drama and fake story lines. I’ve really just enjoyed being able to see what happens behind the scenes at a car wrapping workshop.

Yianni comes across as a genuinely nice guy who has managed to assemble a dedicated and skilled team who clearly enjoy their jobs. As we begin to learn more about Yianni we start to understand why he has been able to grow such a large following on social media and a dedicated list of clients.

He’s down to earth, professional, and customer focused to the point where he will pull out all the stops to make sure that the client leaves happy.

The removal of a second client and the introduction of an event in this episode was a nice change. It gave us, the viewers, a chance to see Yianni in a different setting, a chance to see what he does other than wrapping cars. It’s obvious that he is a petrolhead who is passionate about automobiles and this really shines through.

I’m eager to see what episodes 3 and 4 have in store for us. If you feel the same, be sure to tune in to the Dave Channel at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, 17th January.