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Posted by Joseph Clement on 19 January, 2018

In the third episode of ‘Yianni: Supercar Customiser’ Geordie Shore star, Sophie Kasaei, drives down from Newcastle in need of a fancy transformation for her brand new Range Rover Velar. Sophie arrives at the Yiannimize workshop and gives Yianni some background on her love for nice cars. She explains that when she was growing up she always used to play with car garages and watched shows about cars getting kitted up.

Moving onto what she would like done, Sophie tells Yianni that she wants her car to be wrapped in gold glitter. The Geordie star explains that due to her half Persian side and glitzy lifestyle she “wants the whole thing shimmering like her lip gloss.”

Kasaei wants the car to have a gloss black roof, bigger wheels, and a side step to give her a boost when climbing into the car. In short, she wants it to be one of the girliest cars that Yianni has ever wrapped. Yianni is stood standing there in shock and Sophie says ‘You’re messing with a Geordie girl, what do you expect?”

Sophie hands over the keys to Yianni and just as they are about to go their separate ways Sophie explains that she needs a car to get home. Yianni wheels out one of his courtesy autos, a smart car, which is tiny in comparison to Sophie’s Range Rover Velar. After joking about how small the car is Sophie heads off.

Yianni gathers up his wrapping team and explains what needs to be done. Nicco points out that because there are no gaps between a lot of the panels towards the rear of the car they will need to strip it. However, this Range Rover is very new, in fact, it’s so new that Yianni’s team have never stripped a car like this before. This means they will need to jump right in at the deep end with a tight deadline of just 4 days. It won’t be easy.

Yianni talks briefly about the wall of fame that exists in his workshop. It has been signed by many of the celebrity clients who have had a car wrapped by the Yiannimize team. The supercar customiser explains that when he first started his company he wanted to have celebrity clientele as he knew it would create a buzz around the business. He says “when you’ve wrapped cars for the best, people trust you”.

Next, a junior member of the team named Brandon reveals that he once starred in a couple of big films. His co-workers make a joke asking him how he ended up working at Yiannimize.

With much of the first day spent stripping the car day two arrives and it is now time to begin covering the Velar with a gold glitter wrap. To give more insight into the technical side of wrapping the narrator explains that flexible squeegees are used tuck the vinyl edges in for a seamless finish. Meanwhile, some of the team begin refitting the doors so that the handles can be wrapped.

A new problem pops up. Because the door handles cannot be taken off the car it’s tricky to apply the gold wrap to them. The thickness of the wrap means it is unlikely to hold in place securely. Yianni discusses the issue with his door wrapper and they decide to cover the door handle in gloss black instead as it is much thinner and easier to apply.

While removing a panel of the car, a member of Yianni’s team breaks a clip. Because of the broken clip, the panel will either need to be replaced or repaired. However, because the car is so new Yianni is unsure as to whether replacement clips are even available. One of Yianni’s team finds out that they cannot order individual clips and will need to order an entirely new panel.

Two of Yianni’s friends, Lenny and Danny, arrive at the workshop with the side step for Sophie’s Range Rover. Due to a miscommunication, they failed to bring along the new wheels. Yianni starts to worry as there is only one day remaining before Sophie comes to collect her car. Yianni calls Lenny and Danny’s boss who arranges for someone to deliver the wheels as soon as possible.

Danny and Mike begin fitting the sidestep to the Velar but soon realise that they will have to remove the whole undertray to get the job done. Having to do this adds an extra two hours to the job making an already tight deadline even tighter.

The final day arrives and Yianni notices that the side panel has still not been fixed. A member of the team has had to take a trip to Range Rover to pick up the part and is on his way. However, Sophie is also on her way to collect the vehicle. On top of that, the new wheels arrive but with the wrong size locking wheel nuts. Luckily, the wheels can still be safely attached using the bolts provided, but locking wheel nuts will need to be added at a later date.

Sophie arrives early to collect her car leaving the team with even less time to get the job finished. To buy some time Yianni takes her upstairs to sign the wall of fame. Meanwhile, the replacement panel finally turns up and is fitted into place.

The waiting is now over and the car is revealed to Sophie. Overjoyed with the finished job Sophie says that she cannot wait to drive the car back to Newcastle because she is going to be shining on the roads in her gold glitter coated Range Rover Velar.


Compared to the previous two episodes this instalment really gave us more time to see what happens in the workshop especially the stripping of car parts. The fact that Yianni’s team had never wrapped a Range Rover Velar was interesting because it allowed us to witness the unexpected issues that can arise from getting to know a new vehicle layout and design.

It’s highly unlikely that all jobs will go smoothly. When you are working with car parts things can break and sometimes even need to be replaced. Although, when the clock is ticking these types of issues can really add pressure. However, Yianni and his team showed us how good communication can help to get an issue resolved quickly and efficiently.

It was also interesting to watch the different members of Yianni’s team work together to get things done. It’s clear that if the team are not working well with each other then the job will fall apart. However, you can see that there is a good synergy between the staff and they help each other to overcome unexpected issues and problems.

Lastly, Yianni’s dedication to supporting his staff in getting the job done is as clear as daylight. Also, his genuine enthusiasm for achieving the end result that his client is after is enviable. I feel this is one of the main drivers behind why his business is so successful.