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Posted by Joseph Clement on 1 February, 2018

In this episode of Yianni: Supercar Customiser, a pair of customers, Venton Poolo and Vijay Poolo, who have been friends with the wrapper for over twenty years, bring in a rare Pagani Huayra hypercar to be wrapped.

The brothers explain that the Pagani is their pride and joy after having started out years ago with a chicken shop and a Vauxhall Corsa to now owning a highly exclusive hypercar.

Yianni asks them what work they would like to have done on the car, Vijay says he wants to have a red pinstripe going around it. They ask Yianni to make the car look different, giving him free rein to do whatever he wants to the Huayra. However, they tell Yianni that they need the car back in 24-hours. After handing the key over to Yianni, Vijay tells him to be careful with it as it costs £3,000!

Next, the supercar customiser rallies his team together and they take a moment to appreciate what a work of art the Pagani Huayra is. After admiring the car for a bit, they start exchanging ideas about what to do to it. Yianni’s car stripper, Mike, says that he wants to put the heritage back into the car by adding three pinstripes, each a colour of the Italian flag, instead of one red pinstripe. Alex, one of Yianni’s other staff members, suggests adding some camo to the car, an idea that the boss instantly dismisses with laughter. Lastly, designer Vasile proposes adding a red stripe to the bonnet and rear of the car as well as black stripes that run along the side of the vehicle. Yianni goes with Vasile’s idea and the team get to work.

A while later, the Yiannimize workshop gets an unexpected visitor, DMO Deejay, who has brought his girlfriends previously wrapped Mercedes GLE in for a quality control check up. Alex gives the car a once-over to check for any imperfections and finds a few instances of the vinyl wrap lifting at some edges. While he finishes looking at the car, Yianni and DMO take a moment to catch up. DMO says he owns a Yamaha Raptor quad bike, Yianni urges him to ditch the quad bike and get a proper car.

The attention then shifts over to one of Yianni’s top car wrappers, Vasile. The narrator explains that after seeing the popularity of Yianni on social media, he decided to travel over to the UK from Romania to ask for a job. He travelled all the way to the workshop by bus and told Yianni that he wanted to work for him, the rest is history.

After that, we see Yianni and Burt speaking about how the Yiannimize social media pages are blowing up because of the Pagani Huayra. They talk about how popular hypercars have become and express a desire to see more passing through their workshop, especially a Koenigsegg Agera RS. They agree that working on hypercars comes with a lot of pressure because a mistake could cost them their reputation, but they also know that if they get it right, it will help the business to grow.

The pressure that Yianni and Bert were talking about bears down on Vasile after he notices that one of the red stripes running down the side of the car doesn’t line up correctly. There are only 12 hours left, and Vasile knows he has to come up with a solution quickly. He decides to apply some black vinyl underneath the red stripe to cover the white gap, and it comes out looking good.

DMO Deejay comes to pick up his wife’s Mercedes GLE. In the end, it only needed it’s door handles to be rewrapped. DMO checks the work, is happy, and heads off on his merry way.

Meanwhile, Vasile, who has finished adding the stripes to the side of the car, begins applying a front-to-back stripe to the Huayra. Adding the stripe to the front of the car goes well but adding one to the rear proves to be a challenge. The shape of the car makes it difficult for Vasile to line the stripe up accurately. After failing the first time, he reprints the vinyl stripes and gets it right on his second attempt. With Venton and Vijay Poolo on their way to pick up the car, everyone is relieved to see the stripes finished. All that’s left is for Vasile to add some Italian flag accents to the Pagani’s door mirrors.

Eventually, the Poolo brothers arrive to pick up their Pagani Huayra. They are happy with the subtle pinstripes that have been added to the car and praise the Yiannimize team for their high-level workmanship. Yianni bids farewell to Vijay and Venton and asks them to bring him some new toys to wrap. The streetwear brand owners head off to their exclusive store opening event showing up in style in their freshly customised hypercar.


This episode was special because it featured such a rare and exclusive hypercar, the Pagani Huayra. And on this occasion, the team didn’t have to do a full wrap, however, there was a 24 hour deadline in place that added a sense of urgency to a job that was smaller then we have seen in the show so far.

The title of this episode is ‘Improving on Perfection’. When you first hear this you think ‘how is that possible?’, but in this case, I think the Yiannimize team actually did improve on what was already a good looking car. Also, we got to meet Vasile, who I hadn’t noticed much in the show until now. He is a perfectionist which is exactly what this job needed.

The owners gave Yianni near to no instructions on what they would like done, you could see that they trusted him to do whatever he liked knowing that it would come out looking good. This amount of trust, when it comes to a car that’s worth over £1 million, speaks volumes about the solid reputation that Yianni has built up for his business over the years.