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Posted by Joseph Clement on 13 February, 2018

This time on ‘Yianni: Supercar Customiser’ the wrapper is let loose on a McLaren P1 hypercar that is worth approximately two million pounds. The owner of the car is LA Muscle owner, Parham Donyai, a returning customer to the Yiannimize workshop.

Yianni gathers his team for a briefing about the upcoming job. Mike and Pav are tasked with stripping the car. Yianni asks them to take extra care when working on this automobile due to its high value. He says they are used to working on supercars but this time they will be working on a hypercar so it is extra special.

Next, the P1 is dropped off by Sofia Shamimi on behalf of owner Parham who is away in Gibraltar. Yianni needs to speak to the client directly about what work he would like done so he decides to call him. Parham asks for his car to be wrapped in Yianni’s exclusive rose gold wrap. Moreover, he stresses the importance of not removing any parts from the auto. This request will make wrapping the vehicle extremely difficult.

The supercar customiser brings the workshop team back together and explains that they won’t need to strip any parts from the car. This news comes as a great relief to Mike and Pav. Although, for wrappers Nicco and Mark the news is not so welcome as it means wrapping the P1 will be a lot more difficult.

The team begin wrapping the McLaren in the rose gold wrap, which costs £200 per metre, and Yianni explains that due to the expense of the wrap there is no room for errors. Any mistakes will come directly out of his pocket, and not the customer, so the pressure really is on.

Aware of how important the job is, Yianni stays close to the car, regularly checking on how things are progressing. Brothers Mark and Nicco talk Yianni through some of the problems they have encountered while wrapping the car. The boss knows they have been set a difficult task and asks them to do the best that they can.

While the brothers work on the P1, Yianni’s right-hand man, Bert Hussein, welcomes returning customer, Anton Lewis, to the workshop. Anton has brought in a Mercedes C63 AMG Edition 507 and has asked for some subtle changes to be made to the appearance of the car. He and Burt agree that doing some work on the windows, front grille and the rear badges should give the car a boost.

Moving on, we join some of the team members on a break discussing they’re dream cars. Nicco picks a Porsche 918, Mark says he would like a Pagani Huayra and Pav chooses a black Bugatti Chiron. They joke that the Bugatti would make him look like Batman and he says ‘I am the batman’.

The team encounter a potential problem with wrapping the McLaren P1. They ascertain that the paint protection film currently on the bonnet of the car will cause the rose gold wrap to come loose. So, they decide that the best thing to do is remove the film before applying the wrap.

Once the film has been removed, the brothers begin wrapping the bonnet of the car. With so many curves it is one of the most difficult sections to wrap. They work well into the night to make sure they meet the deadline. Mark confesses that this is probably one of the hardest cars he has ever had to wrap.

The next day, the team begin de-chroming Anton’s Mercedes C63, replacing the old badges with black badges. Once all the work is done, Bert performs some final checks and finds a few small issues that need to be rectified before the car can be returned to the customer.

Focus shifts back to the P1 hypercar and the bonnet is finally finished. Yianni praises Nicco for how good the car is looking so far. Next up, the rear of the car needs to be wrapped, however, Nicco points out that the rear spoiler could cause some issues as it restricts access. He asks Yianni if they can remove a small panel from the car to make things easier, he agrees.

Under the watchful eye of Yianni, Pav cautiously removes the small panels and they joke about how expensive such a little piece of carbon fibre would be to replace. Meanwhile, the Mercedes C63 has finally been signed off by Bert. It undergoes a full clean before being returned to the owner.

Yet another problem arises with the P1, the team find some stretch marks on the rear-left side of the car. As a result, the wrap needs to be re-done in this section which will end up costing Yianni hundreds of pounds. However, he knows it needs to be done and is willing to take the hit to ensure the customer is happy.

Anton Lewis arrives to pick up his beloved Mercedes and is greeted by Yianni outside the workshop. After seeing the car, Anton responds by saying “looks wicked!” and asks Yianni to talk him through the work that has been done.

After that, Anton drives off a happy man and the attention quickly moves back to the McLaren P1. The wrap has now been completed and the last thing to do is attach the badge back to the bonnet.

Deadline day arrives and Sofia returns to pick up Parham’s new-look hypercar. Yianni unveils the rose gold P1 and Sofia’s face lights up with a big smile. They give owner Parham Donyai a video call so he can see what the McLaren looks like. He says it looks ‘incredible’ and explains that he cannot wait to see it in the flesh.

Lastly, the supercar customiser nervously confesses that he had to remove some panels to help the team wrap the rear of the car. Parham doesn’t seem bothered by it and responds by recommending that Yianni take the car for a spin. The wrapper jumps at the chance to go for a drive in the hypercar and enjoys every minute of it.


‘The Two Million Pound Car’ was one of the first episodes in the series to not overemphasise the fact that there was a deadline. The show wasn’t all about rushing to get the job done. This was a good thing considering that the team were working on such an exclusive vehicle.

Instead, we got to see the pressure of simply getting the job done to a high standard. In this instance, the materials used as well as the car itself were extremely expensive. This meant there wasn’t much room for error. Although, we did see some errors, to be specific, errors that forced the business to pay out of it’s own pocket. It once again showed how dedicated Yianni is to customer satisfaction.

The inclusion of the Mercedes C63 in this episode was a nice touch. It was great to see what a big impact small changes can have on the overall appearance of a car. In this case, the Yiannimize team turned what looked like quite a generic looking C63 into a beautiful beast. Smaller jobs like this one give insight into the different types of customisation’s that are available.